Squirrel Glider Education Kit

The following activities and work sheets will support schools in their studies of Squirrel Gliders as part of Project In Situ Feb 2012

 SG Gliding


Activity 1: Field Work (work sheet)

Activity 2: Squirrel Glider Ecology


Activity 3: Threats to Squirrel Glider


Activity 4: Google Earth & Atlas of Living Australia Activity


Activity 5: Community Action

Brainstorm ideas for increasing Squirrel Glider Awareness and habitat protection in your local area. Develop a brochure. See example form Pittwater Council below)







What Is a Threatened Species - National Parks and Wildlife Website
Glider Profile and Sound Recordings
Squirrel Glider Profile Pittwater Council
Wildlife Friendly Fencing
Squirrel Gliders feeding and in flight (Video)
Glider Watch Queensland


Books, Kits & CD's

(Available for loan from Rumbalara)


Strahan, R. 1995 The Mammals of Australia, Australia Museum/Reed Books, Chatswood

Triggs,B.1996 Tracks, Scats and Other Traces:a field guide to Australian Mammals, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Stewart, Night Calls of the Central Coast, Audio CD